It seems to have become a fashion … I go to study in Australia because there are the best schools, the best (and most expensive) universities, I go there because a degree acquired there is very important abroad, or I simply go there because it’s cool.

What is said less is that most of the time “I go to study in Australia” simply because … I have no choice. That will sound a little strange to you but you will soon understand why, let’s try to go step by step:


There are plenty of them … Really guys, or as they say here in Australia, seriously , the amount of courses available in Australia is almost embarrassing: they range from the classic English courses, on various levels, then IELTS preparation, general or academic , basic English courses etc, to the so-called ” Vocational ” courses, or professional specialization courses, such as Tourism courses, Business and Management courses, Hospitality (the correspondent of the professional courses of hotel institutions in Italy), Marketing courses , Accounting (accounting) courses, Pilates, Yoga, Fitness, Surf, Soccer coach and so on and so forth

Obviously there is also the possibility to enroll in university courses of various kinds, the same ones found in any other part of the world.

The duration of the study courses varies from a few weeks (for some English courses) to 2-3 years, passing courses of 3, 6, 9, 12 months.

For an in-depth analysis of the university career in Australia, take a look at this video interview .

HOW to enroll in a STUDY COURSE

There are countless ways to start your studies, even independently, for example by contacting the institution of your interest after having carefully selected it after careful research. Research, however, which must be carried out in English, so a basic knowledge of it is definitely necessary.