It is important for workplaces to provide a safe working environment for their employees. It should be kept in mind that injuries at the workplace can’t be avoided however an environment that is regulated can reduce the odds of such occurrences.

In order to avoid such situations the businesses would need to obtain the AS4801 certification. In order to gain this it is important for companies to follow certain safe practices which would reduce the risk at their workplace. It is awarded to businesses in Australia and New Zealand and is accepted around the globe.

Is it important for businesses to get the AS 4801 certification

When it comes to certain businesses and organizations safety is something which cannot be compromised on. It is important for businesses to comply with the rules and regulations for workplace safety. If they do not comply to it they might face high litigation cost and damage to the reputation. It can actually drain all the resources.

In order for any business to achieve this certificate from it is important that they adhere to a certain set of rules. The requirements necessary for AS4801 certification are placed into clauses which include the following:

  • Clause 4 which explains the  OHSMS requirements
  • Clause 4.2 which gives details regarding the OHS
  • Clause 4.3 which deals with the planning
  • Clauses 4.4 which deals with the implementation
  • Clause 4.5 which deals with the measurement and the evaluation of everything which has been implemented
  • Clause 4.6 which deals with the management review

There is detailed information in all these clauses which talk about the requirements of business has to meet to develop the right kind of safety system. This can be quite beneficial for the business because it allows the stakeholders to know that the business is completely committed towards making their workplace safe for their employees.

It is also an indication that the business is committed to reducing the costs which are normally associated with workplace injuries and illnesses.

Requirements for the as 4801 system

  • The first step requires businesses to familiarize themselves with the standards by thoroughly reading whatever is mentioned in the clauses.
  • It is important to get a grip on these requirements and then develop a management system which complies with it
  • A gap analysis needs to be carried out in order to know whether your business is ready for this certification or not. It is also helpful that it lets you identify the areas which would require improvement.
  • Once all of the above mentioned criteria are made getting the certification becomes easier. Business are evaluated to ensure that they are compliant with the practices in as4801

The certification process

The document submitted by the management system are evaluated against the standard processes and policies. Certificate issuing body will check the document requirements and ensure that all these requirements are implemented by the business. They would be visiting the site of the company and discussing all these changes with the employees. The final stage is the certification which is issued when it is confirmed that your business is compliant with the required standards.